Registration for Green and Digital transition conference 2023 is open

Registration for the Green and Digital Transition Conference 2023: “Towards a fair green and digital transition through youth skills development” is open. We will share experiences and knowledge in green and digital transformation and intercultural communication at the conference by enhancing young people’s networking and cooperation opportunities with stakeholders. Participation is free of charge, but you will need to register yourself. Registration is open until 28th November 2023 or until seats are available.

Declaration on Social Transformation

In frame of Green Habito annual conference 2023 the European CSOs have discused the contribution of civil society and the promotion of cooperation with business and state sectors in meeting the goals of sustainable development, integration of sustainable lifestyles, environmental protection and circular economy and overconsumption, introducing good practices, innovative methodologies and existing solutions. The network declaration has been developed and presented.
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Registration for Gren Habito conference 2023 is open

Registration for the Green Habito Conference 2023: “Civil Society Ideas for the sustainable green Future of Europe” is open. The participation fee includes a 3-day conference, 3 nights accommodation, meals, local transport, materials and evening cultural programs. Registration is open until 20th May 2023 or until seats are available.

Green Habito annual conference 2023 took place in Tallinn, Estonia

Sillamäe Society For Child Welfare together with other members of Green Habito network and partners organised an international annual conference Green Habito 2023, which took place from 25-28th May 2023 in Tallinn, Estonia, where participants have discussed and importance of the engagement of civil society into the questions like circular economy and innovation, collaboration of the Civil

Join us at Green Habito Conference 2023 “Civil Society Ideas for a Sustainable Green Future of Europe” 25-28th May 2023 in Tallinn

SSCW and Green Habito Network is kindly inviting interested organisations representatives and  experts to take part in the Green Habito Conference 2023 “Civil Society Ideas for a Sustainable Green Future of Europe” – is a three-day event (26th, 27th and 28th May 2023) that will include an intensive programme of high-level discussions, working groups, development of the

ERDF supports Security and Civil society Conference 2023

The project „Security and Civil Society Conference 2023“ is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through Enterprise Estonia with 30 000 euros. The Security and Civil Society Conference 2023 will bring together interested politicians,  individuals, representatives from public, private, and civil society sectors whose work is connected directly or indirectly with European security, civil