15th of MARCH 2019 – Narva Vaba Lava Stage at 18.00

The Theatre “Windmill” – Performance “The Little Humpback Horse” (for children/ in Russian)

Theatre Tuuleveski (Jõhvi, Estonia) was founded in the spring of 1988 as the Kohtla-Järve professional theater for children, since 1993 the theatre is called Tuuleveski. In 1996, a non-governmental organization theater Tuuleveski was founded on the basis of the theatre by the theatre’s employees. The original company was formed by professional actors from St. Petersburg, Riga, Arkhangelsk and many other cities. Many of them still form the creative core of the company. Later young and talented actors from other companies joined in. The fruitful work of the theatre in 30 years has resulted in 81 productions for children, high school students and adults. During that time, there have been more than 5 000 shows visited by 1 million and 100 thousand litter spectators. The shows by theater Tuuleveski are not visited not only by the residents of the Jõhvi rural municipality, but by people across Ida-Viru County. Also the theatre puts on shows in larger and smaller cities in Estonia and has also performed in Germany, Russia, Latvia, Denmark, Indonesia, Thailand, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Poland. The theatre is a member of ASSITEJ and UNIMA. Theater Tuuleveski is also a collective member of Theatre Workers Alliance of Estonia. Throughout its existence, the theatre has organized charity shows and programs for children’s homes, children with disabilities and children from large families. The theatre is sponsored by Jõhvi Rural Municipality Government and the Ministry of Culture. Friendship, support and partnership proposals are welcomed by the theatre company. Web:

 “Tuuleveski” (Windmill) theater presents a play for children based on P. Yershov’s fairy-tail “The Little Humpback Horse” (puppet musical play). “The Little Humpback Horse” – is a funny tale about bold Ivanushka – a peasant son, stupid king  and a magical Little Humpback Horse. It is a lively fair show in  style of Petrushka skomorokh performances (Russian puppet theater).
Staging: Irina  Artsimovichene
Cast: V. Alferov, B. Vatin, A. Postol, L. Bogdanova, S. Bulanova, Fairy tale for children aged 0 to 150. Performance duration: 45 minutes. Performance is in Russian. Premiere performance 11/29/13

Youth theatre “Skystone”– Musical concert “AELITA 2.0” (in Estonian)

Music: Siim Aimla , Paula Pajusaar. Taavi-Hans Kõlar, Allan Kaljaste, Karl Tammaru , Rauno Tali and Eleryn Tiit
Libretto and lyrics: Loone Ots
Musical direction: Siim Aimla
Producer: Vassili Golikov
For Republic of Estonia’s 100 birthday original musical “Aelita 2.0” was created drawing everyday lives of young people into cosmic dimensions.
Activities take place in Estonia and far away Lassos planet in the Universe. Young scientists this and that side of the Milky Way are anxiously waiting for signals from outer space – there must be someone out there? Colorful company of characters is busy with their everyday problems and worries, until…! The joint story of beautiful alien scientist Aelita, other galaxy inhabitants and Estonian young people is one hand a happy ending fairy-tale … but also, why not the truth!
In Tõravere Observatory young volunteers guard day and night to catch signals from space. All of them have some manner of minor problems: who is being held back by elder scientists, whose friend has gone to study abroad and might not return…. Who is worried that whole world has landed at their doorstep and is building a hermetically sealed capsule? Or maybe it would make more sense to leave all life, including science, to robots?
Light years away young scientist Aelita is meeting other galaxy representatives to discuss cooperation and new contacts. Of course, she has an arch nemesis – middle aged Edaron, who thinks all young people and women (particularly young women) shouldn’t engage ins science. Edaron does not understand why everyone prefer Aelita to him. When a powerful refractory, a brainchild of Aelita and her companions, starts to work and contact with a planet at the far reaches of the galaxy is established, the action truly begins. The planet’s name is Earth. But what happens next?…. 15 young actresses, singers and musicians take part.
Duration: 45 min

Siima Aimla and Jürgen Rooste: Concert-performance “Estonian contemporary theatre`s ABC” (in Estonian)

The performance is a of creation Siim Aimla and Jürgen Rooste, where Rooste’s expressive poetry is married with Jazz and Rock and Roll titled after one of his poems.
Participants: Band- jazzquintet, Siim Aimla, Jürgen Rooste.
Music authors: Siim Aimla, Jürgen Rooste and Raimonds Pauls

Duration: 1 hour

16th of MARCH 2019 – Narva Vaba Lava Stage at 19.00

 Theatre project ”Me, Mother and the Holocaust”
– Performance  “Auschwitz now and forever” (in English)

The Theatre project ”Me, Mother and the Holocaust” started in autumn 2017. The goal of the project was  to write and play a play about how one of actors (Eva Dällerud) mother survived the Holocaust as a twelve year old girl, and how it was to grow up with a mother who had been traumatized by her experiences.
The performance was intended to be played mainly for young people. The primary target audience was grade 9 (age 16) as that is when you study the Holocaust in Swedish schools.
As Eva Dällerud work as a theatre pedagogue and lead youth groups, she asked one of groups if they wanted to act as a sounding board during the project, partly by giving comments on the text during the scriptwriting, and partly by acting as a reference group, giving feedback during the rehearsal work.
The group, which is today a separate association in Ung Teaterscen (Young Theatre Stage) with the name Ung Teater Karlskoga (Young Theatre Karlskoga), has since been part of the project and set up their own intermediate goals. One of these was a joint trip to Krakow to see Auschwitz-Birkenau, to where my mother with her family was deported in May 1944. We also wanted to visit Plazow in Krakow, where she also was. It was the concentration camp depicted in the film Schindler’s List. We also wanted to take part of the Jewish culture which once was so flourishing in the city. We did this trip for five days in June 2018.
During the trip and for two subsequent weeks five members of the group had, as holiday work at Kulturskolan in Karlskoga, the task to film, to photograph, and to take notes of their thoughts together with the rest of the group with the intention of creating something based on their experiences from the trip. This was a job that lasted all summer. The job was done on their own by the members of the group, who collectively created the performance called Auschwitz is always now. They also performed other tasks, as blogs telling more about the trip, a photo exhibition with pictures from Auschwitz-Birkenau.

 ”Auschwitz is always now” had its opening performance on August 28th 2018 and has since been played for approximately 2 000 people. It has received great reviews and attracted much attention. There are several performances booked for this autumn and up to March 2019.

Participants: The group consists of 13 people, six girls and six boys aged 16-18, and old lady. The association Ung Teater Karlskoga cooperates closely with Teaterföreningen Lyset (The Theatre Association Lyset) and Kulturskolan i Karlskoga (Karlskoga Culture School). The name of the group, Ung Teater Karlskoga.

Title of the work : Auschwitz now and forever. (Auschwitz är alltid nu).
Playwright: The group
Director:Simon Tarakkamäki

Duraction: 40 minutes

Youth Theater Underworld – performance “The Reluctant Doctor” (in Russian)

Founded in 2000 at a  basic school. Since autumn 2008 moved to Narva Vocational training center’s premises (since 2016 known as IVKHK). Theater actors are IVKHK students as well as graduates. This year we turn 19. Theater participates annually in various theater festivals: urban, regional, international and the others, which take place in Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Finland. The cast changes every year. Not once the theater was nominated in different festivals, best male and female parts were highlighted as well.
In 2017 there came an idea (it was Anna Tereschenko, theater UNDERWORLD director’s initiative), to start our own, unique theater festival. That is how the festival “All the roads lead to theater” appeared. Ida-Virumaa Vocational Training Center is the base for the festival. Both UNDERWORLD actors and students from different brunches participate in its organization. For example,  sewing faculty helps with the costumes and decorations, future welders together with woodworkers create exclusive symbolic awards for the festival participants, young chefs provide catering services.

This year, the theater presents “The Reluctant Doctor” by Jean-Baptiste Moliere.
In this cheerful, eccentric play is depicted a wife, who is tired of her lazy and impudent husband Sganarelle’s tricks. Thus, she decides to teach him a lesson. It happened so, that two nobel man’s servants are looking for a Doctor who would cure an incomprehensible illness of a master’s daughter, who suddenly lost her ability to speak.  Having met those servants the wife introduces her husband as the most skilled healer in the world and advice to beat him properly in order to make him confess that he is the one. To avoid the beating, Sangarelle has to admit that he is the healer and to go to treat the master’s daughter.  There, at the rich man’s house he gets to know by accident that the daughter is not ill but pretending because her father wants her to get married to a rich but unloved man, while her beloved one is really poor. Getting acquainted with Lucinda’s (the master’s daughter) beloved Sganarelle helps them to elope.  At the same time, Sangarelle flirts with the wet nurse who lives in the house and is getting cuffs from her husband. In the end, the groom returnes to marry Lucinda openly, not secretly, as he gets a message from his uncle that he is a rich heir now.

The characters of the play are vivid and represent various human vices in a funny manner which have not lost relevance nowadays.
Stage director:  Anna Tereschenko

Duration: 1 h 10 min

17th of MARCH 2019 – Narva Vaba Lava Stage at 14.00

Youth creative workshop presentation – 3 small performances + Ballero Ballet Studio short performance