Invitation for Connect 2019 Estonia

Dear Participants,

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in FESTIVAL CONNECT2019 in Estonia, Narva – the candidate city of European Capital of Culture 2024.
CONNECT is an international festival what includes youth seminar and study visits, an international conference, creative workshops for young people/young professionals,  performances and various of other side events.

CONNECT will be happening  from 14th till  the 18th of March 2019. CONNECT is organised in cooperation with Amateo Network, Platform theater (NL), Theaterschip/Kunstbaken festival, Peace Child Estonia and Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare; co-financed by Amateo, European Union Creative Europe programme, Estonian National Foundation of Civil Society, Tallinn Sports and Youth Department, Swedish Embassy, Nordic Council, Integration Foundation and others.

FESTIVAL CONNECT2019 starts with a conference day.

This conference is organised in order to discuss on a high level how we can create together real and lasting changes in the field of creative industry and engagement of civil society in international cooperation on a regional, national and an European level. Conference connects a unique European network of practitioners, policy-makers, media and  creative organisations  united to create together a change in the culture, art and civil society fields.

The ultimate goal of CONNECT is to create time and space to find a partner and design your favorite international and interdisciplinary project in the field of arts with young people. Amateo will reward the three most inspiring concepts with a grand of € 2.500,-each.

Please register yourself on web:

During festival participants will be able to hear inspiring keynote speakers, share knowledge and have some new experiences, meet and speak with inspiring colleagues, Government and Non-governmental organisations, and young people from all over Europe, Explore the Civil Society and Culture of Estonia, see inspiring performances and art forms made/performed by young people. It’s a great opportunity to get to know each other, find a potential partner and design a small project together with funding from AMATEO Culture network and increase our network by new members from Estonia and other Baltic Sea states.

After the formal day there will be two more informal days, in witch all participants will be able to present themselves, meet the other participants and try to find a partner and develop a small scale international (and interdisciplinary) arts project for young practitioners.

For young people and young professionals there is a special interdisciplinary workshop programme

The programm of CONNECT2019 includes:
– (International conference) key note speeches and panel discussion by three international experts in the field of amateur arts, creative industry and civil society as well as international cooperation and engagement of NGOs and government institutions. The aim is to introduce the themes to all participants (as the conference is open to all, not just for AMATEO network) and further elaborate on the continued relevance of these themes. They are panel discussion including representatives of many different cultural backgrounds that highlights the usefulness of creating a comparative perspective, being open to ideas from other cultures and finding common goals.
– Practical study visits 
– Three Creative workshops for Youth 
– Performances

The International Conference  “Civil Society Organisation and creative industries – creating new perspectives” is a part  Connect 2019 programm

Date and Place: 15th of March, 2019 at 10.00 am, Narva, Estonia – at Vaba Lava Theater Centre
Participants:  up to 120 participants (international participants and Estonian) including High guests from International institutions, Ministries, Embassies, Partners, Students, young  amateurs,  interested organisations and  Local NGOs leaders, Networks and business representatives).
Conference official languages: Estonian, and English

More information: , tel +372 55602993