Estonia – (Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare) 

Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare (SSCW) is an NGO created December, 8th in 1989, originally from the city of Sillamäe, in largely populated by Russian speaking minorities county of IdaVirumaa. During these years SSCW has been working actively towards creating a child and youth friendly environment in our society. Each year we have broadened the reach of our activities to initiate broadbased and society wide noticeable initiatives. Today SSCW has conducted and supported more than 200 projects not only on the county but also on country and lately on an international level.

Mission:  Protection of children’s rights and to empower young people.

Vision: just and inclusive society, where children and young people are treated as equals.

Tree decades ago started as regional level organization has become an recognized organisation which is capable to successfully carry out projects on local, national and International level. Sillamäe Society of Child Welfare  since  1990 has been a member of the Union of Child Welfare and belongs to ECDC joint committee as the only foreign-language organization (since 2012), is European anti-poverty organizations (EAPN) member (since 2010), Anna Lindh Foundation Estonia (since 2007) member and has consultative status in the UN Economic and Social Commission (ECOSOC) (since 2014), in October 2015  a member of the Roundtable for Development cooperation and in october 2018 a member of Amateo Network.

SSCW works in cooperation with partners / stakeholders such as the Government of the Republic of Estonia, the European Council, the Arab League, United Nations agencies, national and International funds.

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Amateo is the European Network for Active Participation in Cultural Activities that serves and promotes people’s participation in the voluntary and amateur arts. Founded in 2008 it includes today more than 30 national and regional umbrellas and associations from EU member states and programme countries.  Amateo sees active participation in the arts as a core value for a free and open society as enshrined in Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Active participation in arts and cultural activities empowers individuals to freely express themselves and promotes cultural cohesion, social inclusion and active citizenship with an added value for humanistic and democratic values.
Amateo has an initiative/programme Arts Takes Part, what is supported by Creative Europe (EU programm) and Amateo member organisations. ATP will help to strengthen the organisations involved in this work, grow the network and offer training, knowledge exchange and events. In the process it will raise the profile of the participatory arts and the important impact that has on people’s lives.
New programme Arts Take Part – aims to grow and strengthen the network over the next four years. As part of this new programme and to celebrate our 10th anniversary we have initiated the new Amateo Award celebrating participatory arts in Europe.
As part of Arts Take Part programm, Amateo wants to share and highlight some of the many already excisting pioneer projects in the wonderful world of amateur arts between European Civil Society organisations dealin with culture, amateur arts, youth and education issues. Amateo are looking for unique creative pioneer projects with an experimental nature that can inspire others to develop the practises and products of amateurs in new ways and also supports financially and a pioneer project (a small scale art project – which is experimental in nature, made by and/or performed by (mainly) non-professional artist/performers). It’s fundamentally designed to try out new things, like working methods, artistic approaches or collaborations as a kind of laboratory of arts.

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PLATFORM THEATRE is a Dutch network of artist, teachers and institutions making theater with and/or teach theatre to children and young people. Because we are convinced making theatre and performing is fun, inspiring and helps you to develop as a human being; a creative and social human being, an artist.

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Theaterschip/Kunstbaken festival

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